Gundam Char Aznable Zaku II 1/144th scale figure review

First impressions

The Box for the zeon Char Aznable mobile suit

I ordered this Gunpla, as well as an Rx78–2, expecting for the Rx78–2 to arrive before the Char Zaku as amazon told me. But the Char Zaku arrived first, and the Rx78–2 came the next day. After I completed building the model kit, I really did enjoy posing it as it has such amazing mobility. It is a good representation of the original 1979 series. Speaking of which, I ordered the Rx78–2 just to recreate the iconic 1979 series.

Frontal view
Rear view


As a beginner for collecting gunpla, I really did not know what to expect for this new figure. though, I did not expect something too good. But the articulation on this thing exceeded my expectations insanely. The figure comes with things like double jointed arms and legs, as well as an extra articulation point on his wrist for more movement on the hand. The figure comes with an amazing foot pivot, and can move up and down. You can also move both legs back and forth very far since he comes with two variatons for his waist, a rubber version, and a plastic version. I chose the rubber version to allow more mobility. I am really surprised with this figure because I really thought the articulation would be really limited since this was a plastic model. Images of the articulation points can be shown all the way at the bottom.


The heat hawk
some (not all) of the interchangable hands
for holding the figure on to the gundam base stand
Plastic pieces for the waist of the figure
The Zaku bazooka
The zaku machine gun

The Char Aznable Zaku came with a good amount of accessories featuring interchangable hands and weapons alike. For the zaku machine gun, it was built with different pieces, like the handle in front, and the aim. You can move the aim both directions as well as the handle in front. For both the bazooka and the machine gun, you can move the aim, and the handle in front. Though, the bazooka can also move the handle for holding the bazooka at the bottom. for the interchangable hands, he came with a pair of bazooka, and/or machine gunholding hands, a pair of fisted hands, which can be used to hold the heat hawk, and another fisted hand apparently for the right arm, and a relaxed hand for the left arm. I still don’t get the benefit and the reason of adding another fisted hand for the right arm, an a relaxed hand for the other arm, but for more expressive poses, I would have liked to have a relaxed hand for the right arm as well.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, The Char Aznable Zaku really Exceeded my expectations like I said earlier. But is this a perfect figure? No it is not. Some things like the limited articulation for the plastic waist or only one relaxed hand. A huge problem that can annoy people is that both of the extra articulation points on each of the wrists are really loose, so I had to put some type of dough to keep it from being as loose. also, the the bazooka and machine gun holding hands are both fixed in a strange position. So while the figure has some of its own problems. It has more amazing features than its problems. I would give this an 8/10. This review was just my opinion on the figure, I hope you enjoyed reading. more pictures of the articulation, as well as different poses can be found at the bottom. Have a great day



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