Home Sweet Home Alone: Review

On Disney Plus day, various different projects for different studios were revealed and released. One of which was a new installment to one of the most beloved franchises, Home Alone. In this review, I will be sharing my thoughts on the latest Home Alone installment. “Home Sweet Home Alone”. Also, this review will have spoilers, so you have been warned. And please remember that this is just my opinion, therefore whatever I say should not affect you in wanting to watch this film.

To be honest with you, it seems like the “Home Alone” franchise can’t seem to get anything done. After the first two films were completed, we have been given several continuations of the original two films now including the recent addition. The problem with these films is that it is unoriginal, and we do not get the same charm that we got in the original two films. In this film, it is about a married couple who are considering to sell a house, as they do not have enough money to stay there. They come to realize that a doll that they own is worth 200 grand, so they decide to sell it. However, the doll seems to be missing. The couple believe that a kid named Max stole the doll, so they try to break in, and retrieve the doll.

So lets talk about some great elements of the film. The movie managed to deliver the laughs and had some nice callbacks to the original “Home Alone”. The movie was fun, it was trying something new and had good ideas. There was also that reference where Kevin’s older brother named Buzz, who appeared in Home Alone 1 and 2 made a cameo as a cop in the film. But while this movie had memorable parts and scenes, it fails to bring the satisfaction of the booby traps. What I'm trying to say is while these traps were clever and it was funny to see the couple lose their minds in that house, it was a lot more gratifying to see the criminals get what they deserve. Because as hilarious and funny these traps were, you feel a sense of sympathy and you kind of feel sorry for the couple who meant no harm and are still being tortured by the traps. But what made me even more upset, was the the ending. Because at the end, everything turned out to be a whole misunderstanding. Meaning everything happened for a mere misconception. And the whole main plot of Max being left home kind of turned into a subplot. And the case of the family that was struggling seemed to be the main plot. Which is why, this didn’t really feel like a Home Alone movie.

While we didn’t get the Home Alone we wanted, we were given a good enough film that people would enjoy. And if you have not seen any of the original Home Alone’s, then you might as well enjoy this film since you are just coming into the series, as it could be a nice family night movie for the kids. But if you have seen the originals, then I can’t guarantee that you would enjoy this film as it kind of disrespected the original films. Once again, please remember that this blog is not to oppose others who liked this movie. I hope you enjoyed reading. And do check out my other blogs!



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