Spider Man: No Way Home (2021) Review

Before I begin, this review involves spoilers. So if you have not watched Spider Man: No Way Home, stop reading. Because there are massive spoilers ahead. But if you have watched No Way Home, enjoy.

So let’s list everything that happened. Several villains with familiar actors returned. The following characters: Electro (Jamie Foxx), Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), and The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) return for the film. But more importantly like we anticipated, the Spider Men from the two other universes played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire respectively, have once again swung on to the silver screen. Spider-Man: No Way Home was like its own Avengers: Endgame. Because like Endgame, this film was the culmination of several films that took place in, and out of the MCU. No Way Home included good humor and had its fair share of recalls from the previous films. It also packed massive emotional punches throughout the film.

The Plot

Personally, I was really worried for Spider-Man: No Way Home. I was afraid that this film would be a massive failure because it had too many villains. Therefore this film could either go big, or go home. But even with all the villains, the film delivered beautifully. The problem with the other Spider Man concluding films (Spider Man 3 and TASM 2) were mainly because they had too much villains. But No Way Home nicely balanced everything else as it was not an entire mashup of subplots, and plot holes. The film gave everyone their time to shine while also giving a second chance to past actors who didn’t quite get their justice. Aside from the humor and action, the film did a stellar job in their emotional weight like stated before. When Aunt May died, everything was quiet and it was a emotional scene. But what I loved the most was when Andrew and Tobey’s Spider men related to Tom Holland’s Peter. This was what I wanted to see. Before I saw the movie, I figured that if Andrew and Tobey were to appear, it should be sometime before the final battle. Because we have not seen both of them wearing the suit in a while, so I kind of preferred there to be an emotional scene with them entering. We then got the “Science bros” montage in which they were making the cure which I absolutely enjoyed because I wanted to see their intellects at work. And it was great seeing them relate to each other on being Spider-Man just before the battle began.

Giving actors a Second Chance

Spider Man: No Way Home had a lot to do with giving people a second chance for both the characters and the actors who portrayed those characters. I was especially enthusiastic to see Andrew Garfield return. Tasm 2 kind of hurt his reputation. People started thinking that the film was bad because of his acting. But I never thought this way. And honestly, if you give him a good script. Andrew Garfield will blow it out of the water. This is why that now more than ever, we want an Amazing Spider Man 3. And it isn’t just because of what we saw in No Way Home. It is because Andrew Garfield was always a great actor and proved that best while he was playing Spider-Man. Same thing for Jamie Foxx, because he himself, was not satisfied with how things ended for him in Tasm 2. There were also actors who did an amazing job before, and are now doing it again. I’m talking about Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina. For Willem Dafoe, he succeeds to play two characters at a time. The intellectual and respectable Norman Osborn, alongside the menacing and frightening green goblin. In the original film, Willem Dafoe portrayed the goblin perfectly. But it seems like he was waiting to return. It was almost as if he thought about it and planned the whole thing, long before there was the idea of him returning. For Alfred Molina, I felt glad to see him reunite with Tobey’s Spider-Man and see their bond. It was great seeing more of his darker side because mainly, he was constantly in an attitude and was being really sarcastic. During the final battle, it felt great to relive some of the past scenes with the other villains. Both the Lizard and Sandman were monsters with no sign of humanity with them. And so, when they were given the cure, it was amazing to see them become human again. These scenes of the film were obviously meant to replicate the very same scenes from the previous films. Hence, what happens in any culminated film,


I feel like all of us have made a long journey. We watched all these previous Spider-Man films of past actors for years, completely unaware of their significance. It was late 2020. Tom Holland posted a video of himself. And in that video, he revealed that they had landed in Atlanta and were now working on Spider Man: No Way Home. At the time, we called it “Spider Man 3”. But eventually, we started to realize that this could be something else. That this could be much bigger than just another Spider-Man movie. Eventually, Sony and Marvel revealed the title in early 2021. And from that point on, the talk of No Way Home became bigger and bigger. There were more videos talking about theories of actors returning, and when the trailer will come. There were set photos. There were leaks. And finally, we got the trailer. But that wasn’t the end. The hype for the film was increasing and was no where near its peak. Soon, the official trailer was released. Then there were multiple tv spots. The actors were promoting the film. Andrew Garfield was playing werewolf. And we were all watching the latest No Way Home news on YouTube. It was a year that we waited. And I don’t know about everyone, but I think this was worth it. Spider Man: No Way Home, was amazing. I hoped you enjoyed reading, and do check out my other blogs.



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