Steve Rogers vs John Walker: Who takes the mantle of Captain America?

Because John Walker became the next Captain America when Sam decided not to use the shield. It makes us ask, “Who is Captain America?” Steve and John did not listen to the government, the difference is that one did it because it was the right thing to do, the other did it out of hatred and vengance. Here is my comparison between John Walker, and Steve Rogers where we see who is the real Captain America.

After the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” would take place. Steve Rogers would pass on the shield to Sam. Then he would seemingly die, since people mention him with past tense verbs. Sam believes that he is not worthy of assuming the shield and gives it to a museum. The government takes advantage of Sam’s desicion, and recruits their own Captain America that they could control, as Steve Rogers did not listen to the government and became a fugitive. This Captain America would be assumed by John Walker. So then we ponder upon the question, who is the true Captain America? To start, in episode 4 of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” A.K.A “The whole world is watching”, Karli Morgenthau would land the killing blow on Lemar Hoskins who worked with John Walker. Consumed by vengance, John would go to who he thought had killed Lemar, and would fatally kill Nico who was holding down John Walker, but he was not the one who killed Lemar. this scene was a huge reference taking us way back to the events of “Captain America: Civil War”. Iron man was going all out upon Steve and Bucky after realizing what really happened to his parents, at the end, Steve would use the shield to destroy and disable Iron man’s armor. Steve almost killed Tony, but did not, as he caught himself before he almost murdered someone. The difference for this case is pretty simple, Steve is much slower to anger than John Walker who lost his temper ultimately costing a life.

Something to note is that John Walker seemingly took advantage of his role as Captain America. In episode 2 or “The star spangled man”, after the first fight against The flag smashers, Bucky told John, “Just because you have that shield, doesn’t mean you’re Captain America.” John would reply saying that he did the work to become Captain America. The reason John became Captain America is because he perfectly fit the role physically, just not mentally, but Steve is the perfect blend of both. Take the scene in “Captain America: the first Avenger” when Steve was captured by Hydra. Steve being the one who cares for no fame despite how much he recieves is asked by Red Skull, “What makes you so special?”. Steve did not say “Because I have a vibranium shield”, or “Because of my suit”, or even “Because I was given enhanced abilities”. These are closer to what John Walker would say. Much to Red Skull’s surprise, Steve would tell Red Skull that there is nothing that makes him special, and that he is only a kid from Brooklyn. This is true because if you think about it, Steve came from almost nothing but his heart and still became Captain America. Also, notice how most of the time when John Walker introduced himself, he would always says at the end that he is Captain America as if he thinks that everyone knows him. Much like he did when introducing himself to Sam and Bucky. Steve only cares about helping others no matter how much he is injured, or no matter how battle damaged his suit is, Because even if he was never Captain America, He would still be all about helping others. when ever he is introducing himself, he doesn’t call himself as Captain America, not even to a talking tree. As a matter of fact since he has so much fame, John could get some free shots at the bar just by wearing the suit.

In conclusion with or without this blog, it is without a doubt, safe to say that Steve by all means is superior as Captain America whereas John Walker is a better U.S agent, than he is Captain America. Just to be clear, this blog is not to offend anyone who is a fan of John Walker, as it is to just emphasize my opinion. I hope you enjoyed reading.



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